A Poem Of Gratitude

I dedicate this poem to H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for showering me with his immense love and wisdom


Years spent in longing,

Trying to find a sense of belonging.

Years spent in desperation,

Whilst suffering trials and tribulations.


Years spent beneath a mask,

Never knowing the right questions to ask.

Years spent in hatred,

Like a fire burning red.


Years spent in darkness,

Shunning all kindness,

Running around in circles,

But never reaching the destination.


But now there is light,

Now I will be alright.

Now there is no more fear,

Because God is always near.


Now I am engulfed,

With warmth and peace,

With brightness and joy,

Because now I am blessed.


The path I walk, is still perilous,

But now I know,

With the thorns comes the rose,

And with the tears flows the joy.



Say it out LOUD!!! :)

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