My Dreams


I close my eyes,

just for a little while,

I let go of my present,

of this place,

and of the people around me..


My dreams shape up,

building a world,

I have never known,

Awestruck, I walk in,

marveled by my creations!!


Some dreams seem so real,

while some are surreal.

Some are works of art,

making it difficult to part.

But some are fantasies,

right out of my childhood memories.


As the brilliance sinks in,

darkness creeps in,

clouds gather,

and lightning strikes.


In my hands I hold a sword,

sharp and shining,

I begin my fight,

with an evil smile,

and glint of darkness in my eyes.


I cut down my dreams,

one after another,

there’s blood on my hands,

as I tear them apart,

My soul screams,

And the earth shudders,

suddenly my dreams dissolve,

bringing me back to the real world.


As i open my eyes,

tears roll down,

and i make a promise to my dreams,

the next time when i hold my sword,

I shall defend them with all my might,

And the next time I will make it right,

And from this day on,

I shall live to bring them back,

And make them real..


One thought on “My Dreams

  1. My basic thought process behind writing this poem is the belief that we are our own roadblocks when it comes to achieving our dreams. Even though all of us have lovely dreams, we don’t seem to have the faith and courage to go out and pursue them and bring them to life…

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