On my own…

Once there was a little girl,
whose laughter was a song,
and whose eyes were full of fairytales,
magic, and happily ever after..

Then there was a girl,
not little anymore she thought,
her heart once broken,
her dreams now taken,
laughter forgotten.
all that was left now,
was sorrow and grief.
Then there was a woman,
power in her voice,
and fierce ambition burning through her mind.
she thought no more of the girls within,
but grew stronger everyday.
her smile was polite
and her eyes sparkling.

Years later she looked back,
she had enough of the hurt,
and enough of the consoling,
she smiled at her past,
and realised,
“I don’t need a knight in shining armour,
i don’t need that happy ending,
i’ve had my happiness,
and seen my dreams take form,
coz, now its just me
and i am on my own.. “


Say it out LOUD!!! :)

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