The quote that set off a train of thoughts

“Life is like a grindstone: whether it grinds you down or polishes you up, depends on what you are made of.”


I found this quote on the net sometime ago. And it set my mind to work.

How many times in my life have I blamed others for my problems? How many times have I felt like a victim at the mercy of fate? And how many times have i stood up taken responsibility and acted upon anything that seems to be wrong with my life?

I was surprised to conclude that most of the times, whenever I have faced tough situations, I actually stood up and acted upon them. But that happened only after an initial phase of cribbing, blaming others and feeling an immense amount of sympathy for myself. I started working on the problem only when I realized that if i don’t work on it; it will never be solved.

Now, when I look back, the only thing I regret is the fact that I lost out on a lot of time playing the innocent victim who is always put at a disadvantage by others. If I had not spent that time cribbing and instead worked on the problem at hand, I would’ve in fact finished off those issues faster.

Everybody has their set of roadblocks carved for them on this journey called life. But instead of roadblocks I think of them as speed bumps, just slowing you down never really stopping you. Every time you cross that speed bump, take a hard look at yourself. Have you learnt from this speed bump? It may have slowed you down for a while, but in all that time has the bigger picture cleared up at least one tiny bit? Has it given you an insight into your biggest strengths and tips to improve on the weaknesses? If you get affirmative answers to all these questions, well then, Congratulations!! mission accomplished. You have taken one step forward and turned into a better person than you were before.

Its a personal experience, that every time I have crossed these hurdles, I have emerged as a stronger person. I have more faith in my abilities and I am ready for the next speed bump that comes my way. To put this in another way, you could say, my car’s ground clearance improves post every speed bump I have successfully crossed.

I know all this is easier in theory than implementing it practically. I know there are situations which leave us helpless, hopeless and frustrated. We lose the courage to continue our fight and just give up. But trust me, it is the moment when you decide to give up, that you are the closest to winning. Its just that you are for the time being out of breath. Take a break and fight once more. This time with all the combative energy that you’ve got and then the problem will have no other choice but to leave you alone.

Most importantly though, learn to appreciate yourself. Learn to reward yourself for sailing through the storm. You are an exceptionally strong and positive person because you didn’t give up, you didn’t stop trying and you believed in yourself. We read of so many people resorting to violent means to literally “finish” off their problems. They either end up harming other people or themselves. You are  much more courageous than them.

We might have been born as simple stones on the surface, but each one of us goes through enough cutting and polishing to end up being a diamond. Keep Shining!! 🙂



One thought on “The quote that set off a train of thoughts

  1. Great Thoughts on common habits like blaming others when problem arises. The author has also highlighted important response to the problem is to deal with it and solve it asap, instead of blaming on others. I further would like to add that every problem solving make you more stronger and matured and you do it right for first time. However if the problem is because of others, you may solve it but do not hesitate to blame the concerned person with some dilute words so that the concerned person do not repeat. So you become perfect and let our team mates make perfect.

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