There they sit,
the rich and the lofty,
And here I stand,
a figure in tattered rags.

They say,
Money is the measure of success.
I say,
Does it count the lives we’ve shaped?

They say,
Money attracts powerful friends.
I say,
And do they come in your time of need?

They say,
Money buys the best luxuries.
I say,
Does it buy inner peace?

They say,
Money can even buy you a better face,
a different life.
I say,
Can it buy me a better soul?

They say,
Money pays off your medical bills.
I say,
Can it pay off the Angel of Death?

They snigger and say,
You are young and naive.
Come back in a few years,
and tell us we are right.
I simply smile and leave.


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