My Amazing Parents – God’s Biggest Blessing

My name is Apoorva. I am 23 years old. I am a student currently pursuing a course called “Chartered Accountancy”. I am at the final level of this course. This exam is considered one of the toughest exams to crack in India with a very low passing percentage. In the past one year i have given this exam thrice and failed every time.

On May 2, 2015 i will be giving this exam again. My confidence currently is at its lowest. I have no faith in myself or my abilities. I doubt my own actions and over criticize every tiny mistake i make.

The past one year has been a horrifying experience for me. I have been sad and moody, depressed, heartbroken and even bitter at times. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for my parents to deal with me everyday. And yet i don’t remember a single day when they have not been supportive or understanding.

A few days ago, i asked them what would happen if am unable to get through this exam.
“What if i never become a Chartered Accountant?”
Here’s what my father said, “I will still love you with the degree or without it. And i will still be proud of you for the efforts you made.”
My mother calmly explained to me, “This degree is a pathway to success. But it is not the only road. There are so many other options. You are young and hardworking. We’ll figure out something else, if not this.”
I was overwhelmed when I heard them say this. But they both made it amply clear to me that they would be sad if I didn’t give this exam my best shot.

I have always heard that true love is the one which is completely unconditional. So I consider myself very lucky to have experienced it in the form of my parents. Thanks to them I have had a very happy childhood. And no, it had nothing to do with money or gifts. We are a simple middle class family where our needs are completely taken care of but we don’t lead an extravagant lifestyle.

These days I see so many parents get their kids flashy phones, expensive toys and branded clothes. I never had any of those. But that does not mean I was unhappy or discontent.

In fact, I don’t remember my favorite toy or my best dress. What I do remember is how much I laughed when my father tickled me or the way both of us love silly jokes and have the craziest dance moves which only we understand. I remember the amount of energy my mother put in to teach me equations and photosynthesis. I still clearly recall how with the help of a ball as the earth and a torch as the sun she taught me the concepts of rotation, revolution and sunrise and sunset.

There were times when I used to get upset because some classmate of mine had a better compass box or a better backpack. Now as a grown up I realize that I may not have had the expensive stuff but i had parents who cared. I can proudly say that my parents attended each of my school’s annual functions, sports days and parent teacher meetings. They helped with my speeches and rehearsed my lines for a play. I had the most valuable gift of all – their time.Β 

I was born in a country where a male child is preferred and loved more than a female child. But when I was born, my parents were over the moon. They decided not to have any further children because they wanted to give me the best of everything. So, here I am the only child, a daughter, who is loved, well-educated and free to chase her dreams; which very often shocks so many people as they sympathetically look at my parents and say, “Only one child, that too a daughter!!!” The look on their faces is, as if lightning struck and my parents were bestowed with bad luck. What they don’t know is I am adored and doted upon more than any son would ever be.

I know this post is extremely personal and probably boring. But today, I have laid my heart bare before you. This post is simply a medium for me to express to my parents how much I love them and how grateful I am to God for blessing me with them. I know for a fact that if they decide, they can find a better daughter but I will never be able to find better parents.

Someday, when I have children of my own, I pray to God that I am at least half as good with my kids as my parents are to me.

Like everybody else, IΒ do want to carve an identity of my own. But as of now and forever more I am extremely happy and proud being the daughter of Mr. Yashwant Β and Mrs. Suhas Kulkarni.


2 thoughts on “My Amazing Parents – God’s Biggest Blessing

  1. WOW! Tears in my eyes. What beautiful sentiments you share here. You seem a very passionate young women, so whatever dream you end up following, I’m certain you will excel. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. You have so much life ahead of you. Enjoy and follow your heart — it rarely misleads. You are truly a blessing to your parents and vice versa!! πŸ’•

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