The skies are clear,
and the wind is dancing,
through open fields,
and crowded streets,
knocking on doors,
and wrestling with the windows.

The mighty mountain rejoices,
as the wind whistles,
and brings news of joy and hope.
The wind enthralls,
the trees and blades of grass,
with stories from across the globe.

My feathered friends chatter away,
getting ready to fly,
and dance in the sky.

I am fidgety and scared,
my wings are too fragile,
and I am not ready at all.
But the wind sings to me,
the song of the sky,
of the mesmerizing views,
and the cotton filled clouds.

I smile and open up,
The wind teasing my wings,
I finally let go,
and soar, higher and higher,
to the cotton filled clouds!!


Say it out LOUD!!! :)

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