The Choice is Always Yours

French fries or an oatmeal,

a cup of chai or a shot of tequila,

to climb a mountain or to walk on the beach,

to bask in the sunlight or to sneak in the shadows,

to look for the silver lining or to curse the clouds,

to be loyal or to decieve,

to lead or to follow,

to rush through or to enjoy the journey,

to be sane in a dysfunctional world or to be insane but happy,

to follow the rules or to make new ones,

to break it off or to mend the cracks,

to lust for revenge or to forgive and forget,

to amass wealth or to offer a helping hand,

to give yourself wholly to love or to hold back fearing a broken heart,

to want this man or that one or both,

to simply survive or to Live your life.

The choice is ALWAYS Yours.


Say it out LOUD!!! :)

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