Reading and Appreciating

So Today’s Blogging101 assignment is about reading posts written by fellow bloggers on the daily prompt “Finite Creatures”.
I am glad that we were asked to do this assignment! It has been an eye opener. There are so many amazing posts and different perspectives towards approaching the same topic. I am grateful for having this opportunity of reading so many wonderful posts.
So here are a few posts which i believe you “MUST READ”:

Lynne’s post about organ donor awareness:
She has paired up the question of our mortality with an important yet quite frequently ignored issue of Organ Donation.

Niharika’s intriguing blog post:
This one talks about the laws of the spirit world and such (Curious?). Worth a visit.

Lekha’s post about her relationship with her grandmother:
Lekha’s post is very heartwarming and touching to say the very least.

A simple yet poignant post:
This blogger gives a simple message of living life as it comes

Warrior Freya’s powerful and insightful post:
I found this post to be quite powerful. Freya’s acceptance of her own mortality shines through.

Shafali’s short story:
Ahh!! One of my absolute favorites. The story that shocked me.

I hope you will enjoy reading these posts as much as i did!!
That’s all for now folks!!


2 thoughts on “Reading and Appreciating

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my post. I’m honored that you found it inspiring enough to share with others.

    Welcome to the blog sphere by the way. Going through the Blogging 101 course was fun when I did it. Hopefully you are enjoying it as well. : )

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