The left side of the bed.
The bowl of corn flakes with cold milk.
The daily good bye kiss and
the hurriedly whispered “i love you”.

The fake laughter with an office colleague.
The suppressed yawns an hour after lunch.
The constant torment for a million deadlines,
and the fretting over the impending loan “E.M.I”s.

The recurring fights over TV shows.
The same questions at dinner every night.
The exact time to reset the alarm and
and to put out all the lights.

Drifting into sleep,
only to let it all begin again.

This poem is written as a part of the Poetry 101 Rehab Blog Event.
the link:


8 thoughts on “Habit

    • Hey Ranu!! Thanks for stopping by.
      It is not literally my daily routine but simply a fictitious account. But if you can connect with it then I think my job’s done. Thanks again.

  1. Very nice. I iwll look up that blogging event as well. I need to start a little poem action myself. Thank you for sharing

    I just wanted to drop by your blog and say Hi, and keep up with your blog. Especially since we are in Blogging 101 together and this is our last weekend. I can’t wait for the next course to begin Aug 3rd are you signing up again?

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend & Happy Blogging
    Celeste (SunDragonLady) http://sundragonlady.org/

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