Underground – Short Fiction



Ray zipped the jacket up to his throat and pulled the hoodie over his head. He kept his head low and walked quickly. His eyes kept darting back and forth across the deserted street as he looked for signs of somebody following him.

‘No one so far’, he thought to himself.

The night was frosty and Ray had little protection against the cold weather. He buried his hands in the jacket pockets and kept walking to the bus station.

‘It is time to change my location before they get here.’ Ray said to himself.

It had been three weeks since Ray had gone underground. He was on the run from those faceless people.

They had shown up at his doorstep in the dead of the night three weeks ago. They had an envelope with all of Ray’s secrets.

“Along with the bloody pictures!” Ray cursed himself for his carelessness.

They wanted Ray for a mission. Their words were simple. As one of them pointed a gun in Ray’s face the other one said,”Do it or you are dead.”

Somehow Ray had managed to leave the city, but he knew they would find him again, soon. So he zigzagged his way around the country, laying low and waiting, waiting for them to find him. In his mind he had already begun to formulate a plan about how to end this. But he wasn’t going to execute it until he had fine tuned and fool proofed it.

As Ray’s mind continued to toil about the things he had to do, somebody grabbed him from behind and threw him into a black van. A big burly guy punched him hard in the stomach and said, “Hello Ray, long time no see.”

‘So much for going underground.’ thought Ray as the pain began to make him nauseous.

One more hard knock in the gut and Ray passed out in the windowless van.

Written via Daily Prompt: Underground