Buddy – My Angel on your birthday…

Buddy - puppy image me and buddy

Yesterday, February 18, 2014 my dog a brown colored Labrador named “Buddy” turned 5 years old. As i sat down with him and celebrated the day, my heart was overcome with emotions. I was nostalgic; constantly reminded of the time when he was a puppy, his days growing up, the times when he got sick. All of it just came rushing back to me. And i realized of how much he has given me and how little i have thanked him.

Five years ago, a little time before i met Buddy i had a few wounds deep within, which never got healed. I was always gripped with a vague sense of loneliness that i probably can’t explain. And even though i was immensely loved by my family and friends, my heart always seemed to be hungry for a little more love.

And then one evening as my dad and i headed into a pet store, i saw him. a little brown colored fur ball, eyeing everything with a heightened sense of curiosity and heading straight towards a dog food packet. That day i brought home this 29 day old hyper enthusiastic pup home. My life has never been the same.

I have enjoyed and lived and relived every moment of his growing up. The way he used to get tired when he walked around the living room. The time when he thought everybody’s fingers were his latest chew toys. The time when he barked every time a cellphone vibrated near by. And of course his first time at a beach – when he discovered he could swim. The delight in his eyes and the way he jumped around in the water, its an unforgettable and precious memory for me.

I do not when and how he realized this, but sometime over the past 5 years he took on the role of my therapist. When i felt down and out he nudged me to play a game of catch with him. He helped me remember how joyous it is to just run your heart out against the wind! And the infinite number of times when simply sitting next to him in a bear hug made me serene. When i had tears in my eyes and wanted to talk he instinctively understood that and put his head on my lap and listened calmly to everything i had to say.  It is at moments like these that i knew i did not bring home a dog – i brought home a friend, a companion who lives up to his name; something we humans barely ever do. He is the reason i believe in angels. He is the one who makes me believe life is beautiful and i can make it better everyday just one step at a time.

Buddy taught me that love is not about the gifts, or the words i say, it is simply about my actions. What i do for you selflessly, unconditionally and without expecting anything in return – that is what love is all about. For the past 5 years he has loved me like that every single day. From him i learnt that if i am enthusiastic about what i do then my job becomes stress free. He taught me to live in the present moment. To enjoy the feeling of being alive today! To accomplish what i can right now, forget about the rest and sleep like a baby.

On his fifth birthday all i can give him is a heart full of gratitude and full of love for him. I can tell him that when he dances around me and wags his tail even the worst of days become happy memories for me! But as i write this and look at him i realize a nice big portion of chicken might convey my feelings better. 😉 😀