A Prayer to Lord Ganesh

To my friends from across the globe,
In Hinduism Lord Ganesh is the elephant headed God of new beginnings, He is the ‘Vighnaharta’ i.e obstacle remover. Lord Ganesh is the God of intellect and master of all arts.

Starting yesterday the 10 day festival of Lord Ganesh i.e ‘Ganeshotsav‘ has just begun in India. For more details about the festival please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganesh_Chaturthi

I have written this poem as a Prayer to Lord Ganesh

I am a lone feather,
You the wind
that carries me home.

I am a misshapen stone,
You the sculptor,
transforming me into beauty.

I am the keys of the piano,
You the musician,
weaving melody with every touch.

I am the wide-eyed traveler,
You my Guru
and my destination.

I am your child,
at your feet I seek refuge.

Fill my heart and soul
with your name,
leaving no place
for fear and doubts.

O Lord Ganesh,
I give myself to You,
embrace me with Your light..