When I met you first,me and buddy
you looked at me,
with those big brown eyes.
And i knew deep within,
my angel has been found.

Your tiny paws,
fit into my palms,
yet you managed to occupy,
the throne in my heart.

Your cold wet nose,
is my best “Good Morning” kiss.
Coming home to you,
is sheer bliss.
Cuddling up with you,
keeps me happy and warm.

When i see a dog around,
all i think of, is you my Buddy,
you, with your wagging tail,
and a chewed up ball,
looking up at me,
and reminding me,
of the beautiful life i have..

This poem has been written for the Blog Event “Poetry 101 Rehab” on this week’s theme “Connection”.
My inspiration for this poem is my brown eyed Labrador “Buddy”.