I am Grateful

This is not a piece of poetry. This is not an essay or an article either. This is simply a heartfelt message to “myself” to remind me of the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon me. And today i promise myself that whenever i crib over the silliest of things and feel like nothing ever happens the way i want it to, i will come back and read this.


I am Grateful for the roof over my head, which protects me from the scorching heat and the torrential rains.

I am Grateful for the three hot meals i have every single day, aware that millions out there cannot afford even one square meal.

I am Grateful for the education i have received, for it broadens my mind and nourishes my soul.

I am Grateful for an amazing childhood, knowing that countless children have to earn their wages to “survive” their childhoods.

I am Grateful for the family i have, fully aware that there is no bigger blessing in life than the undying bond of family.

I am Grateful for all the people who love me, because in the end it is only love that will pull me through the voids of life.

I am Grateful for the wonderful friends i have made, for they are the source of my joy in the darkest of times.

I am Grateful for being able to love a dog, because otherwise i wouldn’t have known what “Unconditional Love” means.

I am Grateful for my constant hunger to learn more, for it only makes me realize there is so much i still don’t know.

I am Grateful for my failures and mistakes, for they will help me evolve into a better human being tomorrow.

I am Grateful  for all the second chances i have had, to redeem myself, over and over again.

I am most Grateful to Death, for making sure that i live fully everyday.

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